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Drug Rehab Minnesota

Substance abuse and addiction are significant problems in the state of Minnesota, ranging from alcoholism and abuse of diverted pharmaceuticals. Prescription pain killers in particular are a drug of choice in Minnesota, and as a result of such abuse residents in the state are dying at increasing rates because of opiate overdose. Many individuals are under the assumption that prescription drug abuse isn't the same as abuse of illicit drugs, but it is one in the same and so are the resulting consequences. With such a significant problem in Minnesota, it is important that individuals involved in any type of substance abuse, whether it is prescription or illicit, understands the dire need to get help to avoid any acute and permanent consequences for themselves and their loved ones. Thankfully, there are quality drugs rehab programs in the state which can help resolve any type of substance abuse issue and help Minnesota residents better their quality of life.

It isn't uncommon for individuals involved in substance abuse to have a tendency to remain in denial about their problem. In doing so, their substance abuse is nullified and/or justified so it can continue without any shame or guilt. For loved ones and friends, denial is a whole lot easier than having to confront the addict or the problem itself, and they may even find themselves caught up in a cycle of enabling the person's habit either directly or indirectly. Loved ones may not even be aware that they are doing so, yet such enabling and remaining in a state of denial can be extremely detrimental to not only the addict but loved ones themselves. This soon affects everyone's quality of life, and many innocent bystanders who get caught up in such enabling and denial become bitter and angry or simply lose hope that there is anything that can be done about the problem. But to let this persist can cause disastrous consequences for everyone involved, many of which are irreparable. So vigilance and persistence is crucial and it is often up to loved ones to be the strongest they can be to get an individual into a lifesaving drug treatment program as soon as possible.

Sometimes individuals cannot be persuaded as a result of casual confrontations to go to drug rehab in Minnesota, and such confrontations can not only be futile but may even fuel more intense substance abuse to try and mask the shame, guilt and emotional pain they harbor. Thankfully however, there are effective actions that concerned loved ones can take to help convince individuals who have refused help in the past to get lifesaving treatment in drug rehab in Minnesota. One of the most effective is a drug intervention, which can be conducted immediately once a quality drug rehab program in Minnesota has been chosen. This can either be accomplished through the help of a professional drug interventionist, or through the efforts of concerned loved ones after consulting with a treatment counselor at the drug rehab of choice.

At drug rehab in Minnesota withdrawal is the initial challenge that clients will have to endure, so a safe and well managed drug detox is what treatment counselors will concentrate on. Detoxing is not something which should ever be attempted on one's own due to the nature of some types of withdrawal which can be life threatening. So even if someone has good intentions and feels as though they can abruptly abstain on their own, it truly isn't worth the risk. Drug cravings are also very common, and can be extreme throughout the detox process. Because many individuals will cave to these cravings and relapse, this too makes abstaining on one's own very dangerous because they could take a dose that their bodies can no longer tolerate which could result in an overdose. In a drug rehab setting of course, individuals who are having intense cravings during withdrawal and detox won't have access to drugs or alcohol. More importantly, they will have detox professional at their side around the clock to help ease these cravings and provide crucial emotional support that can make a huge difference when someone is having such challenges. Following detox, it is important that individuals transition into actual treatment for their addiction to resolve what actually caused it, because just getting through detox is no guarantee that they will be able to remain abstinent.

Drug rehab in Minnesota should always take place in a distraction free environment, so that an individual doesn't have their efforts and successes in treatment mitigated or jeopardized by negative influences. Residential or inpatient drug rehabs in Minnesota are superior options, because this provides the platform and environment needed so that individuals can have complete focus on the rehab process and without distractions from their drug using acquaintances and life in general dedicate themselves to getting well and getting through their program. Treatment counselors work clients through a comprehensive treatment plan, which may include individual and group counseling or the 12-steps so many clients are accustomed to from previous program. Or, there are alternative drug rehab programs available in Minnesota that utilizes behavioral modification therapy and life skills training to offer a more permanent solution. Unlike other programs who only work to stabilize clients and then work to maintain a disease, alternative programs in Minnesota actually resolve the individual's issues with addiction while in treatment without the necessity for continues lifelong maintenance when treatment is complete. Whatever drug treatment option one chooses in Minnesota, the longer an individual is able to remain in treatment the more likely it is that they will be able to truly overcome their addiction. This has been proven time and time again and confirmed in study after study, so a long-term program in Minnesota is a far superior option than the more abbreviated short-term programs available in the state. So if you or someone you know in Minnesota is caught up in drug addiction, contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab today to find out how to get the process started right away.


Minnesota Drug Statistics

1. In St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, there was a high record of number of 1,772 people who received treatment for addiction to opiates, in 2009.

2. In Hennepin County, Minnesota, there were 25 accidental cocaine-related deaths in 2010, compared with only 10 in 2009.

3. In Ramsey and Hennepin, Minnesota, there were 92 drug related deaths, in 2010, combined in both counties, compared with 113 in 2009, a decrease of 22. 8%.

4. In 2010, 19. 8% of the adult males arrested in Hennepin County, Minnesota, tested positive for Cocaine, compared with 27. 5% in 2007.

5. The abuse and addiction to Heroin and other opiates continued at heightened levels in the Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota), in 2010.

6. In 2009, there were 3,366 admissions for Heroin and other opiates combined, and in 2010, there were 3171 a 5. 8% decline, in Minnesota.

Drug Facts
  • Children of alcoholics are more likely than non-children of alcoholics to marry into families in which alcoholism is a problem.
  • Heroin accounted for 213,118 emergency room visits in 2009.
  • Prescription drug involved emergency room visits have exceeded those related to illicit drugs for the past three years.
  • Treatment for alcoholism may lead to a reduced need for other health care services and can also reduce overall medical costs.